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Welcome to Our Custom Vinyl Record Production Hub

Embark on a journey of musical expression with Press Your Beat’s vinyl manufacturing services. Tailored to meet the unique aspirations of artists and producers, our custom vinyl record production options ensure your sound is captured precisely how you envision it.

Explore Vinyl Variety

Choose from our diverse array of vinyl formats to perfectly suit your musical narrative:

  • 12″ Albums: The quintessential choice for full-length albums, offering a rich and immersive listening experience.
  • 10″ Gems: Perfect for EPs and shorter releases, combining quality and compactness.
  • 7″ Treasures: Ideal for singles, delivering impact and clarity in a smaller format.

Customization at Your Fingertips

  • Sleeve Choices: Select from printed, plain, or sleeveless options to match your album’s personality.
  • Inner Liners: Protect your record with a variety of inner sleeve choices.
  • Label Designs: Opt for a classic blank label or a printed one to make a statement.
  • Packaging Options: From minimalist designs to luxurious packaging, cater to your album’s aesthetic needs.

Craft your vinyl with our comprehensive customization options, reflecting your unique style and sound.

Colors, Grooves, and Artistic Flair

Discover our specialty in vibrant colored vinyl records, where creativity meets quality. Our offerings include:

  • Colored Vinyl Variants: Choose from yellow, blue, red, green, and more to add a visual pop to your music.
  • Creative Techniques: Dive into options like splatter and marbling for an artistic touch.
  • Unique Masterpieces: Each record is a singular work of art, appealing to both musicians and collectors alike.

Immerse yourself in our world of artistic vinyl records and let your music visually captivate as much as it does audibly.

Download our new color catalogue and ask for your quote !!

Ready to Press your Music?

Transform your musical creations into tangible vinyl masterpieces with Press Your Beat. Catering to all formats – from albums to singles – we provide customized solutions to bring your vision to life.

Maximize Your Vinyl´s Potential

Ensure your tracks are perfectly suited for vinyl. Our detailed guidelines cover everything from mastering to artwork design. Set your music up for success and let it resonate with quality.

Explore Our Guides and Maximize Your Music´s Impact.

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