Vinyl Mastering

Unlocking the Analog Magic: Perfecting Your Vinyl Sound

In recent years, the love for vinyl records has surged, with more and more artists choosing this format for its exceptional sound quality and fidelity. However, it’s important to be aware of some unique considerations when it comes to mastering for vinyl.

Mastering for vinyl demands specific audio standards to avoid potential issues during the vinyl production process. Vinyl records have their limitations, and we must ensure the best quality.

When preparing your music for vinyl, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced mix, avoiding excessive treble (those sharp ‘S’ sounds) that could harm the cutting equipment. Very high frequencies should be carefully managed in your mix.

It’s worth noting that vinyl mastering is all about adapting your original tracks for this format, optimizing them for the best possible sound.

We emphasize the importance of sending us a high-quality mix for mastering. A poorly mixed track with heavy compression, limiting, or phase issues will benefit from corrections during the mixing stage. If needed, we also offer post-production and mixing services for such cases.

Our prices :

(For those manufacturing records with us)

  • Vinyl Mastering: €35 per track (includes digital mastering)
  • Digital mastering: €35 per track
  • Mixing tracks: €35 per track
  • Mixing and Mastering: €60 per track (if it’s the same track)
  • Post-production works: Custom pricing for each project
  • Audio restoration: Custom pricing for each project
  • Analysis of tracks: €5 per track (not related)


We recommend sending us pre-masters without compression or limiting on the main channel if possible. If these processes are part of your creative mix, ensure a dynamic range of at least -14db RMS. Over-limiting can limit our ability to optimize your music. Peaks cut by limiting can’t be restored during mastering, affecting audio quality.

Also, leave a margin of at least -3db to -6db in peak volume when exporting the final track. When exporting your music, deactivate any tool in your DAW related to normalizing the track.


  • Formats: WAV, AIFF
  • Bit rate: 24 bits or 32 bits
  • Frequency: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz

For your tracklist, consider that tracks with high frequencies sound better at the beginning of each side of the record. Treble may be slightly distorted towards the end of each side due to slower playback speed.

Also, leave a margin of at least -3db to -6db in peak volume when exporting the final track. When exporting your music, deactivate any tool in your DAW related to normalizing the track.

Reference Tracks:

You can send us a reference track in AIFF, WAV, or FLAC (without compression), but please avoid MP3 files due to data compression. Links to YouTube or Soundcloud aren’t suitable as references.

Maximum Track Lenght:

For optimal sound quality, here are some guidelines for track lengths on a 12″ record:

  • +6 dB: 6 min at 45 RPM, 8 min at 33 RPM
  • +4 dB: 8 min at 45 RPM, 11 min at 33 RPM
  • 0 dB (for DJ use): 11 min at 45 RPM, 15 min at 33 RPM
  • -6 dB or less (for albums): 18 min at 45 RPM, 24 min at 33 RPM (not recommended for heavy bass music)

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. We’re here to make your vinyl mastering experience as smooth as possible.

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