Interest in vinyl records has seen a tremendous increase in recent years. More and more artists decide to launch their releases in this format for their sound quality and fidelity and although this are great news, there are some factors to consider that are not applicable to any other format.

The mastering for this format requires very specific audio standards to avoid possible problems that might occur when transferring to the vinyl format because the limitations of the vinyl itself cause certain physical factors to be controlled.

The mixdown must be balanced and avoiding excessive treble (loud ‘S’ sounds) as these can damage the cutting equipment so very high frequencies should not be too strong in the mix.

It is very important to note that the mastering process for vinyl is a work of adaptation of the original tracks for this format and optimizing it to the maximum.

We place a lot of emphasis on this since the final mix that is sent to carry out the mastering process must have a minimum of quality so that the mastering engineer can work on it. A track badly mixed, very compressed, limited, out of phase, etc … We always recommend to correct these during the mixing process since the final result will be much better but if this is not possible for you, we also offer our post-production and mixing services for those specific cases in which your tracks need extra work.


(Check our prices below If you are manufacturing your record with us,).

Vinyl Mastering: € 35 per track (including digital mastering)
Digital mastering: € 35 per track
Mixing tracks: € 35 per track
Mixing and Mastering: € 60 per track (if it is the same track)
Post-production works: To be determined according to each project
Audio restoration: To be determined according to each project
Analysis of tracks: € 5 per track (not mixing or mastering work).



If possible, we recommend the pre masters to be sent to us without any compression or limitation on the main channel before you export the tracks.

In case these processes are a creative part of the mix we need at least a dynamic range of -14db RMS. A high limiting factor will result in less free space to perform an optimal mastering. Peaks cut by limiting cannot be restored during the mastering process and would affect largely the audio quality.

Please also consider leaving at least -3db to -6db margin in the peak volume in the general master when exporting the final track.

When exporting your music it is important to deactivate any tool in your DAW that refers to NORMALIZE the track.


Formats: WAV, AIFF

Bits rate: 24 bits or 32 bits.

Frequency: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.

Track list: We advise you to take under consideration while making the track list that tracks with high frequencies sound better at the beginning of each side of the record as the treble may sound slightly more distorted and less clear near the end of each side due to the slower playback speed.


It is an option that you send us a reference track but only AIFF, WAV or FLAC (without compression) MP3 is not a good reference due to data compression, so links to YouTube or Soundcloud wouldn’t work either.

Maximum tracks length per side on a 12 ” records for an optimal sound:

The longer the length of the music is, the more the volume will be affected.
Maximum levels, approximately +6 dB: 6 min at 45 RPM, 8 min at 33 RPM.
Sufficient levels, approximately +4 dB: 8 min at 45 RPM, 11 min at 33 RPM.
For the Dj use, approximately 0 dB: 11 min at 45 RPM, 15 min at 33 RPM.
Maximum playing time albums for optimized sound, approximately -6 dB and less: 18 min at 45 RPM, 24 min at 33 RPM.
(Note that this is not possible or recommended with heavy bass music)


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